Digital Digest for 30-Jun-2013

Top stories this week

  • More people paying for news
  • Facebook to release a chatroom feature
  • iTunes rules the world... for now
  • Nokia makes a cheap phone
  • 4G phones are 30% of US mobile traffic
  • Blackberry shipped 2.7m phones last quarter
  • Google's new hire for venture capital business unit
  • OS fragmentation: iOS versus Android
  • Cisco focuses on Internet of Things
  • Flashlight powered by human body heat
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Digital Digest for 23-Feb-2013

Top stories this week

  • Twitter announces new advertising API
  • Google launches small business program in USA
  • Jeep's Twitter account hacked
  • Top Level Domain (TLD) scare mongering continues
  • 5.3 trillion ads served in 2012
  • Google predicts 50% of ads will be digital in 5 years
  • Optus Innov8 shortlist revealed
  • No working from home at Yahoo
  • Google planning a streaming music service?
  • Google Glass review

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Digital Digest for 11-Feb-2013

Top stories this week

  • Egypt suspends YouTube for a month
  • BBC to trial streaming programs before TV
  • Apps versus entrenched interests
  • New iPhone jailbreak proves popular
  • Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to sell stock
  • Facebook glitch breaks third party sites
  • How much money does Google pay Apple?
  • Apple vs Samsung was all Steve Jobs fault
  • High Court rules in favour of Google
  • Pirate Bay movie released
  • Brands struggle to reach influencers
  • Bunnings register Masters in NZ
  • Webjet revenues up, profits down
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