Digital Digest for 03-Feb-13

Apple's tablet lead is starting to slip

It was never going to last, but the extraordinary lead Apple had with the iPad finally appears to be coming to an end. IDC reports that Apple's share of the tablet market has slipped under 50%. Apple is still dominant but the iPad mini has not halted the advance of competitors, particularly Samsung, which has doubled its tablet share in the last year.

Blackberrry launches new phone and BB10

Walt Mossberg from AllThingsD reviewed the new Blackberry this week. His overall assessment seems to be "work in progress" which would put it in the same camp as Windows Phone. I loved WP7 and like WP8 but neither has found a strong share of market, which makes me wonder if Blackberry can come back. The separation between work and personal modes is an interesting touch.

The secret of enterprise sales

A good post on Techcrunch about how technology companies need to approach sales to enterprise customers. With a good follow-up on some of the approaches taken by companies like Salesforce and Intuit.

Want to work for a startup?

Startups are sexy right? Mashable have written up an interesting list of the key skills required for working at one.

Changing your product design? Here's four things to consider

At some point most digital products need a design and user experience overhaul. The problem is, how do you do it without causing your existing customers to hit the eject button, or start your hashtag trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons?

Wikipedeia has 3bn monthly page views... from mobile devices

In further evidence that the online audience is increasingly migrating to mobile devices, Wikipedia has apparently surpassed 3bn monthly page views from mobile devices and expects to go past 4bn by June this year, driven by developing world traffic.

What does a Google data centre look like?

Ever wondered what the inside of a Google data centre looks like? 

How many people work at Facebook?

Facebook is adding over 1,000 staff per year and is working on new premises to house them all.

Twitter announce security breach

Twitter have announced in a blog post that hackers may have had access to details of up to 250,000 user accounts.

Jobs in the US media industry

Business Insider have some interesting charts on media jobs in the United States.

Social Media screwup of the week

HMV staff live tweeted mass layoffs at their company as their marketing director asked "How do I shut down Twitter?"

Internet Explorer grows market share, Chrome declines

The various versions of IE now account for over 55% of browsers globally. Unfortunately IE6 is hanging in there at 6%.

Digital coupon growth being driven by mobile

Over 92 million digital coupons were redeemed in the USA last year. Expected to surpass 100m next year.