Digital Digest for 11-Feb-2013

Egypt suspends YouTube for a month

The fallout continues from the Innocence of Muslims video which caused outrage across the Islamic world. Egypt's administrative court has ordered YouTube be blocked as a result of the video.

BBC to trial streaming programs before TV

With the iPlayer accounting for 2 percent of  the BBC audience, the Beeb will begin a 12 month trial to stream selected programs online before they air on television.

Apps versus entrenched interests

A good read from Forbes on how innovators like Uber and taxi apps in the USA are running into hurdles from regulators and interests from established players. Similar issues are raising their in Australia.

New iPhone jailbreak proves popular

The new Evasion jailbreak for iOS 6 was used several million times in under a week. Seems the walled garden has some escapees.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to sell stock

Eric Schmidt has lodged a filing with the SEC to announce his intention to divest a substantial amount of his Google shares, possibly up to half of his holdings.

Facebook glitch breaks third party sites

An apparent issue with the Facebook Connect single sign on service caused sites with Facebook integration to resolve to an error page

How much money does Google pay Apple?

According to Morgan Stanley, Apple may be earning up to $1bn per annum from Google in return for search on iOS.

Apple vs Samsung was all Steve Jobs fault

According to a report from Reuters, current Apple CEO Tim Cook was opposed to the patent lawsuit against Samsung, but Steve Jobs wanted to use the 'thermo-nuclear' option.

High Court rules in favour of Google

A good analysis on the outcome of the High Court case on Google's responsibility for misleading and deceptive conduct in AdWords.

Pirate Bay movie released

The documentary TPB AFK (The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard) has been released for download via torrent, or purchase on DVD.

Brands struggle to reach influencers

A new report suggests that brands are failing to reach the key social media influencers with spending in social directed to "mainstream" social platforms rather than blogs.

Bunnings register Masters in NZ

Smartcompany is reporting that Bunnings have registered the trademark of rival Masters in New Zealand. Ouch, looks like squatting doesn't just happen on domain names.

Webjet revenues up, profits down

Webjet has reported an increase in revenues of 13% but profit is down 4.1% in 'flat' market.