Digital Digest for 23-Feb-2013

Twitter announces new advertising API

Twitter has released a new API for advertisers to place ads on their system using real time tools. They are claiming to be looking for "better not louder" advertising to engage their users.

Google launches small business program in USA

Google has launched a Get Your Business Online program aimed squarely at small business, offering a three page website, with a mobile site, domain name, a $75 AdWords credit and web hosting for a year. The program is US only for now but it will be interesting to see if they extend it to Australia.

Jeep's Twitter account hacked

In this week's social media screwup, it seems the guys at Jeep thought 'password' was a secure password.

Top Level Domain (TLD) scare mongering continues

The folks trying to peddle the new top level domains (.companyname instead of .com) have been edging towards the "protect your brand" message for a while now. The thing is, the costs are so unreasonable, even large businesses think it's cheaper to rely on trademark protection and legal action than register these domains.

5.3 trillion ads served in 2012

According to a comscore report, over 5 trillion advertising impressions were served last year, but nearly 1 in 3 of those was never seen by a viewer. That's likely to increase pressure for 'viewable impressions'.

Google predicts 50% of ads will be digital in 5 years

Internet connected televisions are likely to be the tipping point to drive vastly increased digital delivery of advertising says Google's Nikesh Arora.

Optus Innov8 shortlist revealed

10 startups have been selected from 92 applications for the second season of the Optus Innov8 seed program.

No working from home at Yahoo

Yahoo has issued a blunt decree to all staff that working from home will not longer be acceptable. According to the leaked memo from their HR department, even working from home to manage a visit from a repairman is not encouraged. 

Google planning a streaming music service?

According to a report in the Financial Times, Google is negotiating with music labels for a music streaming service. The Google Music service is still unavailable in Australia though, so it's unlikely to be available here even if the rumours are true. Not that I'm worried, I'm loving MOG.

Google Glass review

Joshua Topolsky from The Verge gives us a first hand report on wearing Google Glass. It's a must-read if you're interested in this wearable technology.