Digital Digest for 28-Jan-2013

Who owns your social media followers? Think again.

In news certain to concern some employers this week, New York Times editor Jim Roberts is leaving the paper, and taking 75,000 Twitter followers with him. Employment contracts across the globe are about to be rewritten...

Facebook will block apps that 'replicate functionality'

Facebook's Justin Osofsky wrote in a blog post this week that any applications which "are using Facebook to either replicate our functionality or bootstrap their growth in a way that creates little value for people on Facebook, such as not providing users an easy way to share back to Facebook, we’ve had policies against this that we are further clarifying today (see I.10)."

German court awards compensation for loss of Internet

A German man who was unable to use his Internet connection was awarded compensation for the loss of an 'essential service'. The court found the loss of service was a material impact, similar to the loss of use of a car. Reuters.

ninemsn to broadcast a live weekly news program

mi9 have announced a new weekly live broadcast called #9streamLIVE. The show will be a panel based analysis of the week's events.

Conversion tracking rolled out to Facebook advertisers

Is Facebook's introduction this week of conversion tracking a direct challenge to Google? Business Insider this week looks at how this development may shift spend away from Google and offline spend.

Shoes of Prey launch in-store with David Jones

Online shoe retailer Shoes of Prey and David Jones have confirmed a partnership to SmartCompany where branded Shoes of Prey areas will be set up in David Jones stores. 

The rise of Samsung

Good read from Fortune on the history of Samsung, and how the company is taking the fight to Apple in its quest to become the dominant smart phone manufacturer. 

Enterprise startups hot in the Valley

Techcrunch has a story on the hot new darlings for venture capital, enterprise products. Is the power moving from IT to the employees as staff bypass corporate limitations? See which companies are betting on change.

Google keen to keep secrets at Glass developer event

A non-disclosure agreement Google is requiring developers to sign to attend this week's Glass Foundry event means there may not be much detail forthcoming on Google's eyepiece.

Apple Australia earns $6bn in 2012

Apple's Australian revenues have hit a new record, increasing sixfold in five years. Delimiter

Unlocking mobile phones now illegal in USA

Legislation has come into effect in the USA which makes it illegal for a phone owner to unlock their mobile phone without permission from the carrier who sold it to them.

How did Facebook solve it's biggest technical challenges?

Facebook's director of engineering Robert Johnson, gives some insight on Q&A website Quora into how they overcame technical challenges such as consistency across data centres, network flow, cache layout, handling failures and more.