Digital Digest for 30-Jun-2013

More people paying for news

There has been growth in subscribers in the last year to subscription paywalls for digital news, but it remains at about 5-10% of people, which is too low for it to be the exclusive source of revenue for news organisations. Read the analysis at Paidcontent, or see the full Digital News Report 2013 by the Reuters Institute.

Facebook to release a chatroom feature

Back to the future? Chatrooms have been around since the dawn of online services. Facebook is set to release a new chatroom feature that allows users to set up chatrooms friends can join. They could prove popular, particularly on mobile.

iTunes rules the world... for now

Music streaming is gaining ground, but the bulk of digital music sales is still download, and based on a comparison AllthingsD have done, Apple has a 75% market share of the market.  Meanwhile Apple is reportedly paying more than competitors to establish its own streaming service. I wonder if that's because the labels don't want Apple to dominate that market too?

Nokia makes a cheap phone

They may not be sexy, but old fashioned 'feature' phones still sell and can be profitable for Nokia. The Nokia 105, mainly sold in developing markets is manufactured for under US$15.

4G phones are 30% of US mobile traffic

Online ad network Chitika is reporting that 40% of mobile data traffic is coming from 4G phones with over half that from phones sold in the last 12 months.

Blackberry shipped 2.7m phones last quarter

It may sound like a lot, but Nokia shipped nearly twice as many Lumia phones as Blackberry sold of their entire range. The quarter doesn't include the new Z10 or Q10 being in market, so there may yet be hope for Blackberry if they can lift sales.

Google's new hire for venture capital business unit

Google has hired Gene Frantz to work for a venture capital business unit. The team has been called "Google Capital" and has already made two investments. See the article at AllthingsD.

OS fragmentation: iOS versus Android

In news that is no big surprise, AllthingsD has compared the state of play with iOS versions and Android. Over 90% of Apple users are on the latest version of iOS, whereas only a third of Android users are, with more than that still on Gingerbread, released in 2010. 

Cisco focuses on Internet of Things

Cisco has created a business unit called Internet of Things, designed to attack the market created by the connection of devices and sensors to the Internet.

Flashlight powered by human body heat

A fifteen year old girl from Canada has invented an LED flashlight that is powered solely by the heat generated from the human body.